I never thought CrossFit was for me, but the awesome coaches at Alluvium have been so supportive and encouraging. They’ve helped me work at a level that’s just right for me, and I feel better and stronger week after week. Josh, Melissa and the gang are amazing. I’m hooked!

J. White

It’s been a great start! I have been nursing a lower back injury and they have not only been adaptable to my level of movement and health but they never stop showing personal concern and patience for me. I am so excited to actually get in shape!

C. Holt

The instructors are fantastic – very friendly and enthusiastic. The activities are varied from week to week which keeps it exciting. I would highly recommend this gym.


I doubt there’s another CrossFit like Alluvium. Coaches are focused on proper technique and helping to reach personal goals as well as creating a family community among coaches and athletes.

A. Fryer

A great place for camaraderie.
The coaches meet you at YOUR LEVEL…. whatever that level is on any given day.
I push myself harder because of CrossFit Alluvium!

A. Netschke